Warrior - Swordmaster - Moonlord Skill Build (level 40 cap)

Okay so.. the first class that i want to introduce to you all is Warrior !

Yeah thats right . Warrior is one of the many class in Dragon Nest . I didnt have to describe what is "Warrior" because you probably know it since it is the standart job for every mmorpg online game . Well if you didnt know then let me tell you that Warrior is someone who wear sword / axe / hammer to fight . In this game , warrior is just only available for a boy character and that's a good news for me because i always use warrior in every games that i played . After you reach level 15, you can change your job at Master Warrior . But before that you must take a several mission in order to change your job . After you finish the mission you will make the decision that you have to chose wisely. You can chose Swordmaster or Mercenary. The difference between this two job is that Swordmaster wear a sword and Mercenary wear an axe or hammer. We can take 3rd job when this game is already reach level 50 cap and swordmaster can become gladiator or moonlord. But i will tell you a guide for swordmaster-moonlord when it still in level 40 cap . Maybe my next post will be Swordmaster-gladiator but you just have to wait!

-Warrior Skill

There is four type of skill in Dragon Nest :
 1. Active
 2. Pasive
 3. Buff
 4. Debuff

each type have various effect and it depends on the skill explanation itself.

now im gonna straight to the point...

this is the build for swordmaster who wants to become moonlord when the level 50 cap is update



Well this is the simple explanation for the Swordmaster-moonlord build . Next update will be Swordmaster-gladiator build . Stay awake and dont forget to bookmark this link !


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DRAGON NEST : Introduction my story

This is my first post in this blog and i will apreciated you for visiting my blog :D

well this blog is gonna be usefull for everyone who play Dragon nest or maybe someone who didnt played it too . In here , i will share some tips and trick how to play Dragon nest with fun !

well okay this is gonna be my introduction page so i will tell you again ...

This blog is created at 24 august 2012 and in my time zone its already 16.57
there is many usefull tips out there to play this game and i will collect it in here to make easy for you to search the tips for this game . For your information im just an ordinary boy that actually new in this game about 1 years so sorry if i have some mistake in my post and you could give me some advice and place your comment at my blog so i can change my mistake to help other people too . My first character was a Warrior because i don't know why but im so amaze with someone who use sword and its kinda cool i think . I know this game from my friend name Bana . The first impression about this game is kinda weird i think because in this game we can't change our gender and thats a BIG problem for me . In that time i still usually play seal online with my real friend and my game friend . But after awhile my friend one by one retired from that game . Many friend moved to another game that i kinda hate and there is some problem that include me with someone that makes me sad , after that i decided to retired for a while as well . For a month i never played an online game again and changed to offline game like  crysis , saint row , fear , gta , fifa etc but i dont spent too much time in it like when i play an online game before , and over the time i miss my friend in Seal online because we already become a family and i start to collect it one by one . The first time I met them and they are very happy and they miss the time we played along like before as well . But still there is some group that i have a problem with me the other day is still dont want to see me but thats okay i think , well maybe they'll come back . And after i collect them , i dicided to invited them to play again but us didnt want to play seal anymore . Finally i realize that Dragon nest is like a seal online game but with more graphic in it . After that we agreed to play it and finally we can play together again! and thats the story why i play this game and getting addictive to it! If you have a story then go ahead and share it ! :D
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